Fire blanket & welding blanket

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Our Fire Blanket is a simple and convenient fire proof installation, which is widely used in enterprise, vessels, autos and civil buildings, and specially used in household kitchens,hospitals,hotels, recreational facilities and gas station to prevent the burning from spreading and provide shield for the safe cvacuation. Our FIRE BLANKET is made from fibergalss. which is soft and compact and can cndurc 550C. surface and also can be reused for several times when it's in good condition.

Normal size: 1mx1m, 1.2mx1.2m, 1.2mx1.5m, 1.5mx1.5m, 1.5mx1.8m, 1.8mx1.8m and etc.
Packing:PVC hardbox, PVC cylinder or PVC soft bag, all size is 20pcs/ctn
The description and design on the package can be a bailable according to the requirements of customers.


GWB-001 TEMP:550C SIZE:1.8mx1.8~6mx9.6m, etc.

GWB-002 TEMP:550C SIZE:1.8mx1.8m~9.6mx9.6m, etc.

GWB-003 TEMP:550C SIZE:1.8mx1.8m~9.6mx9.6m, etc.