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K - Single End Roving(Direct Roving)
Single end Roving are specially designed as reinforcements for thermoset resins.Compatible with polyester,vinlester and epoxy resins. Direct Roving is single end of E-glass
Continuous fiber,Utilized in filament winding and pultrusion,fabrics weaving and woven roving man ufacture
NOITgal size:1200tex, 2400tex,4800tex,elc.
We have three types:
NO.GRVl:Direct Roving for Filament Winding
NO.GRP2:Di rect ROVing for PUItrusion
NO.GRW3:Direct Roving for Weaving
    · Silane coupling agent
    · Fast Wet-out,good intergrity,even tension
    · Good abrasion resistance,low fuzz
    · High mechanical strength
Spray up Roving & Panel Roving

Spray-up Roving is made of E-glassmulti-end fiber,designed for spray-upprocess.It is treated with silane size andis comPatibIe with unsaturated polyester,vinylester.Widely applied for boat,bathtub storage tank,pipe etc

    · Silane coupling agent
    · Low static and fuzz
    · Good moldability,excellent choppability
    · Good wet-out and easy de-air
SMC Roving SMC
SMC Roving is vaded for Class A structure and boiling resistance type,it is of quick wet-out and wet-through,comPatible with unsaturated
polyester,vinyl ester.Widely applied for spare parts and body of automobile electronics.shell of instruments,wall panel of construction,doore,seats, water storage tanks,and sporting tools,etc
   · Silane coupling agent
   · Low static and fuzz
   · Good choppability and good integrity
   · Excellent wet out or high mechanical strength

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