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Fire Blanket

  Fire Blanket Product Name: Fire Blanket
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Grand Fiberglass
Quality/Safety Certifications: ISO9001


Our product can directly reduce sparks spreading and separate the flammable and explosive hazardous articles to ensure the securities of the life and property.

It is a type of specially treated fiberglass 12HS satin texture with compact structure and high-temperature resistance, and it can effectively separate the objects from heat sources and spark-spreading zone and block the burning or the isolated burning.

Being 1.0mm thick and resistant to high temperature up to 550 degrees, Model F1000 blanket will not harm the user's skin compared to other blanket made of inferior quality materials, and can be widely used in the frame work and repair work in the shipbuilding industry, and also in heat isolation, insulation and welding in the petrochemical industry.

Being soft and ductile, Model GD018 is the ideal packing material to wrap the objects and equipment with rough surface.

A wide range of products is available. Inquiries are welcome at any time.
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Contact Information :

Company Name: Grand Fiberglass Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Richard Lu
Address: 513 Zhongxing Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. China
Zip: 315040
Tel: +86-574-87808408,87802848
Fax: +86-574-87803039
E-Mail: grandco@vip.163.com   lurichard@163.com
Website: www.fibreglassmesh.com

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