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Our Teflon Coated Fiberglass Fabric Use best  fiberglass as the weaving material to knit into high-grade fiberglass basic cloth, coating PTFE resin, making it into various PTFE high temperature resistance clothes with different thickness and width. It is widely used in various fields such as aviation, food, chemicals, electronics, insulation, construction ,grinding wheel, mechanical and so on. It can be made into different thickness and width and colors.

Features of our PTFE coated fiberglass fabric:

1. Good temperature resistance:24hours working temp from -60°C to 260°C.
2. Excellent non-sticky property,It easier to remove those resin, dope, oil and other sticky things.
3. Top high chemical resistance . resist strong acid, strong alkali, aqua regia, various organic solvents, and almost all pharmaceutical items.
4. Excellent insulation property
5. High weatherability, anti-aging, anti-UV ray. Fire froof.

Application of our PTFE coated fiberglass fabric:

1. Used as various of liners to resist high temperature,such as microwave liner,oven liner,baking liver,etc
2. used as stick liners, inermediate .
3. used as various of Conveyor belts,fusing belts,sealing belts which can be made from different thicknesse ranging from 0.06mm-1.2mm.
4. Used as covering or wraping material in petroleum,chemical industries,as wrapping material,insulation material , fire froof material etc.

I2- BBQ liner

The PTFE LINER is easy to wash away the blot or other dust such as resin, coating material, could be used oven and over again.It can Proof the oil flow to the bottom of oven when being roasted. It has Large range of temperature resisting from -70 to 260°C. It could be used safely in the dishwasher ,innocuous ,and could be contacted the food ,with antisepsis function. Usage typical: BBQ,Grilling,roasting,healthy grilling,oven liner,baking tray liner,pizza liner etc.

I3- PEFE mesh for conveyor belt

PTFE/TEFLON coated fiberglass mesh conveyor belt use best glass fiber or Kevlar as basic weaving material, processed with imported advanced weaving machine, coated with excellent PTFE resin to make it into all various of Teflon mesh cloth as materials of conveyer belt.

    Features of our PTFE/TEFLON coated fiberglass mesh conveyor belt :

    1) High temperature resistance - it can continuously work under -70 to 260C
    2) Permeability - it can avoid wasting heat and improve drying efficiency for it's permeability
    3) Chemical resistance - it can resist all most of chemical medicines
    4) Adherence resistance - it can easily remove all kinds of adhesives such as resin, paint and chemical medicine
    5) Good flex fatigue resistance - it has high tensile strength and excellent  flex fatigue resistance, It's

  Applications of our PTFE/TEFLON coated fiberglass mesh conveyor belt:

   1) Drying machine for non-woven textile, textile printing, silk- printing and dyeing machine
   2) Shrinking machine for garment fabric, high-frequency and UV dryer
   3) Conveyer belt for hot-air dryer, various of food baking, quick-frozen machinery
   4) Oiling machine for paper glazing and waxing, plant engineering
   5) Separating sheet for hardboard production etc.


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