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O1- Aluminum foil tape and insulation cloth

Suitable for sealing seams and joints of various
laminated insulations facing,refrigerator industry,
duct wrap,wall insulation,metal building insulation,
pipe insulation,hot water tank insulation,etc.

O2- Masking tape

Widely used in building decoration,furniture,
appliance and automotive spray coating.

Width:5mm to 50mm Length:10m to 50m
Different temperature specifications:
1)Normal temperature masking tape.
2)Medium resistant masking tape(80℃)
3)High temperature resistant masking

Adhesive fiberglass tape(≥200℃)
It is Produced by fiberglass cloth and coated with
high temperature resistant glue。
Widely used in electrical industries which reqUire
high temperature.

O4- Cloth duct tape PVC Marking tape O5- PTFE tape

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