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A1 - Fiberglass mesh
Alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh is woven by fiberglass yarn as its basis mesh.and then
coated by alkaline resistant latex.lt has fine alkaline-resistant.high strength,etc.As an
ideal engineering material in construction.it is mainlk used to reinforce cement,stone.
wall materials,roofing.gypsum and so on.
We can porduce any size mesh according to requirements of customers like different
mesh size and weight per square meter.
We can supply special mesh as following:
(1)High strength mesh.for example,4mmх4mm/165g/㎡.2000N/50mm
(2)Fire proof mesh. (3)Strong and flexible mesh (4)Adhesive mesh
We can supply specifications from 30g/㎡to500g/㎡for mesh
More mesh size :5mmх5mm,4mmх5mm,10mmх10mm,2.8mmх2.8mm,
A2 - Filter mesh
  A2-Fiberglass filter mesh for cast
EN12x12mesh-160g/㎡, EN13x13mesh-175g/㎡,      EN14X14mesh-129g/㎡,EN16x16mesh-170g/㎡,
EN14x15mesh-135g/㎡,EN11x9mesh-320g/㎡,         EN10x10mesh-160g/㎡,EN12x11mesh-183g/㎡,
EN12X13mesh-165g/㎡,EN 8x12mesh- 75g/㎡
  2.85mm×2.85mm 20.10mesh or 20×20mesh per inch 6×6mm-300g/㎡ bulked yarn mesh
Print label on the mesh Paper label for each roll Strong and flexible mesh Fire proof mesh
Carton packing:4 rolls/carton 24 rolls/carton for adhesive tape Pallet packing:15 roll/pallet,32roll/pallet,42rolls/pallet,etc

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