Sealing Packing

Sealing PackingProduct Name: Sealing Packing
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Grand Fiberglass
Quality/Safety Certifications: ISO9001

PG-880 expanded graphite knitted tape:
Knitted from expanded pure graphite yarn, this tape has high strength and good flexibility, and offers fire safety and temperature resistance. It can be used as packing in expansion joints, on valve stems and agitators, and as a sealing gasket in furnace doors.

CP-745 graphite fiber packing with pure graphite core:
Manufactured from high quality carbon yarn, Inconel wire is inserted for increased temperature and pressure resistance. The surface is coated with a special compound and molybdenum trioxide to help prevent wicking and volume loss.

CP-720 carbonized fiber packing:
Braided packing made of carbonized poly acrylonitrile fiber finished with PTFE dispersion and lubricant, this material is an efficient sealing for high-speed shafts. It is relatively economical among non-asbestos packing, and can be used with water, brine, factory waste, salt solution, weak acids, mineral oil, etc, in centrifugal pumps, mixers, agitators, stern tubes, etc.

FP-550 PTFE packing:
Braided packing made from PTFE yarn without dispersion or lubricant impregnation, this material is recommended for IC related lines, fine chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals where contamination is not allowed. It can be used to seal all chemicals except molten alkali metals.

FP-540 PTFE fiber packing (soft):
Pure PTFE fiber packing, this material has a greatly enhanced ability to seal high-speed shafts. It has resistance to chemical and mechanical attack, great dimensional stability, effective sealing with low gland pressure, etc. This packing is not recommended for use with high speed pumps.

FP-540G graphite-PTFE packing:
Braided packing of PTFE yarn with graphite particles, this material is recommended for shafts for almost all chemicals. Stability and long service life are achieved due to the low friction coefficient, great tear strength and high thermal conductivity. This self-lubricating packing does not score, and minimizes sleeve replacement cost.
It can be used with alkalis, solvents, water, steam, and acids (except strong oxidizing) for centrifugal pumps, autoclaves, agitators, mixers, etc.

KP-340F Kevlar fiber packing (NA):
Manufactured using Dupont's Kevlar yarn impregnated with PTFE dispersion and treated with lubricant, then braided into square cross-sections, this packing is used in higher-pressure applications that are normally not tolerated by other types of braided packing. Due to its steel-like strength, it can be employed separately or as back-up with other types of packing.
Developed to replace asbestos packing for pump systems, it covers all the service ranges which asbestos packing provides. It also affords longer life under severe conditions that conventional asbestos cannot provide, such as sand slurry tin mining, paper slurry etc.

KP-350G Graphite-PTFE fiber with Kevlar yarn packing (NA):
Combining PTFE with graphite and aramid yarn, this packing prevents gap extrusions within the high pressure and temperature range. With good sliding velocity and thermal conductivity, it is recommended for use with piston pumps up to 500bar. It can be used with water, sewage, hot water, oil, grease, gases, weak acids, alkaline solutions and abrasive media.

ASP-001 asbestos packing:
This is a spiral form of Chrysotile white asbestos packing. Impregnated with high-temperature resistant lubricant (oil/graphite lubricant and corrosion inhibitor) and vulcanized, it has a highly resistant structure. A valve and pump packing of proven performance in the high pressure and temperature range, it is suitable for use with water, steam, oil, solvent vapors and abrasive media.

1) Mesh size: 2.85 x 2.85mm (9 x 9 mesh).
2) Weave: leno.
3) Width: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm.
4) Length of roll: 20 oC 500m.
5) Any demand length is available, or according to client requirements.
6) Colors available: any color.
7) Main size: 50mm x 90m, 50mm x 45m, 50mm x 20m, 50mm x 153m. Inner packing: shrink packing or plastic bag.
Outer packing: 24 rolls or 54 rolls or 72 rolls/carton or pallet packing.

Contact Information :

Company Name: Grand Sealing Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Richard Lu
Address: 513 Zhongxing Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. China
Zip: 315040
Telephone: 0086-574-87808408,87802848
Fax: 0086-574-87803039

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