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Woven roving

woven roving

Product synopsis:
woven roving is made woven roving in a tabby two-way enhance fabric. This structure made the fabric when using superior stability. Is a high-performance reinforcement, Is manufacturing fiberglass products base cloth.
Product features:
1, blanchett thickness, organization structures are consistent
2, little hairiness, resin soak speed
3, excellent TuoPao coated sex and gender
4, high mechanical strength
5, wet condition BaoLiuLv high strength
6, plank pervious to light quality good
woven roving Product application:
Woven Roving is a kind of material even slices of two-way reinforced materials, in the process of FRP hand hu increasingly used, is used to make boats and vessels, aircraft, auto parts, furniture, sports facilities large area such as FRP products.
woven roving Storage:
The product should be kept in dry, cool place, storage temperature 5-35 ° C, humidity 35-65 ° C under the environment of the best. If you don't, do not open the package, lest damp, the influence is used. woven roving,woven roving




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