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Abrasive mesh

The Fiberglass Sanding Screen Abrasive Mesh,Abrasive mesh screen, sanding screen, abrasive mesh has excellent performances of grinding, cutting and filings removing. Being coated with abrasive materials on each side, both sides of the screens can be used. Sanding Surface of woodworking, plaster metal, plastic, enamel and remove rusty and making grinding and polishing treatment. They are easily cleaned by water, dried by air for reuse. The grinding and cutting efficiency and durability is far beyond the conventional abrasive material. It is practically cut through joint compound faster. It can be finished as sheets, discs, rolls or according to your requirement.

1. Open mesh cloth design
2. Coated on both sides
3. Anti-clogged
4. Waterproof, can be washed and reused 
Grits Size: P36-P600
Sanding Screen Sheet Size: 3-5/16" x 11", 3-2/3"x11", 4"x5-1/2", 4-3/16"x11", 9" x 11"
Sanding Screen Disc size: 13",14",15",16",17",18",19",20",21",22",23",24"
Sanding Screen Roll size: Width: 1", 1-1/2", 2", 3". 4", 5" , 6", 36"
Length: 25yards, 50yards, 100yards.
Packing: Sanding sheet or disc: each 5 - 10 sheets or discs one Shrink packing, then carton packing;
Sanding roll: each roll shrink packing, then carton packing;
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Abrasive mesh screen,Abrasive mesh Abrasive mesh screen,Abrasive mesh


Abrasive mesh screen,Abrasive mesh Abrasive mesh screen,Abrasive mesh




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