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Fiberglass Manufacturer of China

Fiberglass Manufacturer of China. Grand Fiberglass Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest company which specialized in producing fiberglass products in China. We are big producer and exporter of Alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh for the building materials in China.

Our company Located in Ningbo City is a big producer and exporter of alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh for the building materials in china, Now we have over 180 staff and yearly output of fiberglass mesh cloth around 18,000,000 square meters.

Our leading products: Fiberglass, Alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh for reinforced wall, self-adhesive fiberglass drywall joint tape, GRC reinforced mesh fabrics, fiberglass mesh for mosaics, fiberglass reinforced mesh for grinding wheel, fiberglass geogrids for reinforced materials of high way etc.

Products: Fiberglass
The product is fiberglass mesh coated with acrylic. The alkaline-resistance of acrylic, the chemical stability and no oxygenated property of fiberglass make the tapes have superiority that other materials can not be compared with. Fiberglass Self-adhesive mesh tape that our company produce reach the international most advanced level,Now the product is sold well to European, Middle east, Southeast Asian and South American countries.

Products: Fiberglass Mesh
Fiberglass mesh is strong, durable sheeting used in various thicknesses and finishes to accommodate many different types of industrial and home needs. Because of its components fiberglass mesh will not corrode, stain, or rust. It is also non combustible allowing it to withstand a high amount of pressure per square inch.

Products: Fiberglass Tape
In order to meet special purpose or to increase some peculiarities, these tapes can be treated in various ways. fiberglass tapesWith different temperature resistance and special properties, they are applied in a wide range of industrial fields. fiberglass tapes.

Products: Fiberglass Fabric
With resistance to temperatures up to approximately 1000oC, this fabric is used for the production of fireproof protective mats, fireproof curtains and fire blankets. It is also used as protective material for welding, a filter for molten metal, for dust collection in high temperature gas media, and filtration in high temperature liquids etc.

Products: Fiberglass Mesh Tape
Fiberglass mesh tape is woven from fiberglass bulk yarn, then coated with anti-alkaline resin and gum solution. It is then cut using a special machine.
This tape is very strong and self- adhesive, and used in various construction applications. These include reinforcing wall cracks, board cracks, plasterboard cracks and marble cement; in addition to repairing drywall joints.
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Contact Information :

Company Name: Grand Fiberglass Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Richard Lu
Address: 513 Zhongxing Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. China
Zip: 315040
Tel: +86-574-87808408,87802848
Fax: +86-574-87803039
E-Mail: grandco@vip.163.com   lurichard@163.com
Website: www.fibreglassmesh.com

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